Indian Army Veteran Writes Open Letter to Prime Minister Modi


Open Letter to The Prime Minister,

Honourable Prime Minister Sir,

1. May I have the pleasure of enclosing picture of today’s news paper cutting wherein your statement on subjects related to “Defence Services” has been published. This is for your kind perusal and suitable remedial action please.

2. Your statement highlights that a – “Not Confused And Committed Government” can take bold decisions like “Surgical Strike” and “OROP”. I am surprised Sir, as to how have you concluded that these decisions were bold? Yes your actions to draw “Defence Services” to gain political mileage are indeed bold but these actions do not yield fruitful results. Kindly have a look at my reactive post uploaded on Facebook on your speech during Karnataka Election wherein you had tried to mislead the people through your miserably incorrect facts on Field Marshal Cariappa and General Thimmaya. Sir, they were great Military Leaders.

3. Now coming to “Surgical Strike”, it was not the only strike undertaken by Army. There have been many but these, in the past have not been brought to the public domain neither were they used as a string to pull the vote bank for political leaders / party. Defence Services are terminal means to secure National Goals and not meant to accomplish intermediate political missions to secure power in the centre.

4. As far as “OROP” is concerned, once again the general population of this country is being fed, through sold out media (leaving aside few exceptions), with not only incorrect but to put it bluntly, “False Information”. If your statement was true, Ex Service Men” would not have been sitting at Jantar Mantar today demanding their right of OROP which your Government has denied by design, courtesy honourable Finance Minister and some of his “Babu Advisors”. If you give a book of one subject to a student and keep telling the world that you have fulfilled the aspirations of the entire students community, I am afraid this explanation is not only unethical but just a cosmetic facade. This is exactly what has been done to “Veterans of Defence Forces”.

5. Since the issues are only Defence Services centric in your statement in today’s news paper; I will refrain from commenting on other points and restrict myself primarily only on “Defence Related Issues”. Please take following actions, and if you can, trust me the whole Nation will be in your support. These two actions are :—

(a) Withdraw your support to J&K Government and impose President’s Rule. Appoint a “Non Political retired General/Lieutenant General” as Governor and allow him to discharge his duties to accomplish National interest and not political interest .Sir this will benefit your defence forces.

(b) Remove Article 370 from J&K. This will resolve J&K problem once for all post initial internal and global pressures. You defence forces are capable to withstand these pressures. Sir, “370” is a temporary and transient article in the Constitution but no body wants to touch this high voltage issue . May be it’s continuance draws benefits to every stake holder – the political parties, local population, civil administration and last but not the least “Hurriyat and Militants”. The only sufferers are “Defence Forces”.

6) Sir, we the veterans are responsible citizen of this Country. Nation belongs to all of us and we love this country more than anybody else because we have sacrificed lives so that the democracy in the country thrives. Please respect your Armed Forces. If any statement on Army, Navy or Air Force has to be made let it come from the President who is the “Supreme Commander”. Prime Minister or any other Minister does not enjoy this privilege. Sir, Please view this communication in the right spirit and perspective.

With warm regards.
Yours sincerely,
Brigadier Pradeep Yadu (retired)
Raipur, Chattisgarh

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