Indian Army will Breach LoC and Strike Whenever Needed: Lt Gen D Anbu


Lt General Devraj Anbu who leads the Northern Command said that the Indian army will breach the Line of Control and launch any strike against enemies whenever the need arises. Lt Gen Anbu said that the surgical strikes which happened last year can be repeated.

The Indian army is keeping a close watch on any infiltration or any movements of the militants, Lt Gen Anbu who is the commander-in-chief of Northen command, also warned Pakistan of a similar action if it doesn’t mend its ways and finish terror activities.

Lt General Devraj Anbu, CoC, Northern Command

When we want to we will be able to breach LoC, go across and strike when we need, Lt. Gen D Anbu said to ANI.

He also said that around 475 militants are waiting to breach inside the Indian territory as the launch pads and militant activity has increased across the border. The armed forces are trying their best to keep a check on all these activities and around 150 militants have been killed in past six months.

“Our brave soldiers have been foiling their terrorist attempts to infiltrate into Kashmir valley and elsewhere in the Jammu region, Anbu said.

3 Rashtriya Rifle Soldiers

Gen Anbu further said that the youth has to be given employment and educated so that he doesn’t become a militant and when the security forces will control the environment, that will be possible.

He also said that the security forces are trying to dominate the south Kashmir region which is the land of many separatists and militants before.

Operative of 31 RR, 31 RR belongs to Indian Special Forces

Gen Anbu said that the army conducts the searches keeping in mind that it should not cause any inconvience to any local people. The operations are conducted and they are clean. Also, the interaction with the people in South Kashmir makes sure that they are with the army.

The message to Pakistan is clear that we will not sit and watch and they keep sending terrorists in our land.