Indian Army Will Eye On The Borders With Ultramodern Electronic Warfare


The two condemning and unforgettable attacks of terrorists on Indian Army Camp in January and September 2016 that is Uri and Pathankot shook the entire world completely. Terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad took the responsibility for the attacks. In the attack, at least two dozen army men lost their lives and other injured badly.

After witnessing such horrifying attacks, Indian Army has asked for immediate deployment of an ultra modern electronic warfare system in remote areas to thwart any kind of attack on military bases throughout the country.

On Wednesday, General Bipin Rawat, the head of Indian Army Staff stated that, there have been chances of potential terror attacks on the security establishments as per the intelligence report. He also urges the urgent need of better intelligence, monitoring, surveillance system monitoring the opponent of the western and northern borders of the nation.


In the words of General Bipin Rawat : We are also looking at electronic warfare (EW) and an early warning system to keep an eye not just on borders but in the hinterland also. 

General Rawat also said that : The security of bases in the hinterland is a cause of concern.

For ultra modern security of the military establishments, the Indian Army now requires an electronic warfare system based on Mesh Topology, which is not related to the need of communicate with finding radio lines or direction in terms of the equipment used jammer vehicles. The Indian Army wants to replace present day Star Topology with Mesh Topology.

Indian Army eyes on Mesh Topology because of its range of uninterrupted and faster communication of voice and data at the same time.


As per an Army Official : Multiple routes are available for the information to flow thereby guaranteeing delivery of information. Even if the attrition rate is taken into account, a message will always flow due to multiple paths being available.

The requirement of ultramodern equipment is necessary after three major terrorists attacks on the northern borders and the western border of the country. In the year 2016, in January, the terrorists attacked on Pathankot airbase following the death of six soldiers and in September, the terrorists attacked on Uri base and 19 soldiers lost their lives in this attack.

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