Indian Army Will Train Afghan Women Military Personnel for the first time.


The Indian Army is going to train a group of 17 Afghan women military personnel chosen to get to the glorious Officers Training Academy in Chennai. India has trained over 4000 Afghan military personnel earlier as well, only they were all men.

This is the first of its kind of attempt made by the Indian military to have considered the training of Afghan military women officers, as a step towards smoothing India’s credentials in Kabul, as reported by NDTV.

According to the reports, all these women were picked by their government in accordance with the various provinces and ethnicities they all represent. These female officers represent different arms of the Afghan military- the Special Forces, intelligence, medical, strategic and public affairs, among others.

The Indian Ambassador to Afghan, Manpreet Vohra told NDTV that, “The training aims to acquaint the officers with basic military orientation including physical training, tactics, communication skills and leadership.”

Afghanistan is now making genuine efforts towards the improvement in numbers of women present in their military. Kabul aims at making the graph of female participation to go as up as 10% of the total force.The US military told congress in a report in August that there are about 4,500 women in the Afghan Defence and Security Forces.

These changes could mean a great deal for the Afghan’s breakthrough as the restrictions were pretty hard on women under the former Taliban government. Afghan women were not allowed to continue their education after the age of eight and neither was supported to work. The only permission they have had was to study Qur’an.

“Achieving higher representation of Afghan women in the military accords with the principles of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which calls for increased participation in security and peace-building,” the Indian envoy added.

After the downfall of the Taliban government, a development aid worth $2billion has been transferred by India. Professedly, the amount was given as to support the reconstruction and infrastructure development of the country. Also in constructing of the country’s national parliament, there have been a keen participation and an important role played by India.

While tackling the Taliban insurgency, Afghan soldiers were also offered with the arms, ammunition and military training from India. During Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s recent visit to India, earlier this year the Indian government made consent of providing huge security-related assistance to the war-ravaged country.

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