Indian Army’s Classified Documents Have Gone Missing From Army Brigade In Punjab


In a shocking event, the certain classified Army documents from an infantry brigade in Jalandhar, Punjab found missing. The documents believed to be related to operational matters of the brigade and found missing around a week ago from the headquarters of an infantry brigade. To search the documents and to find the reason behind missing of the classified documents, Indian Army has launched a high-level investigation.

The sources close the Army about the missing documents informed to The Indian Express, “The documents were in the custody of the General Staff Officer Grade 1 (GSO 1), of the infantry brigade, who is an officer of the rank of Lt Colonel. The documents were reportedly kept in an almirah in the office of the GSO 1 from where they went missing.”

Team of civilian engaged in routine maintenance work

The Army to investigate the missing of the documents and the Military Intelligence to find the reason out of which and what circumstances these certain classified documents gone missing has launched an internal investigation.

Under the investigation, MI has been questioning to all who have served and frequented the office in the last few days. MI also questioned to the team of civilians who look after the routine maintenance activities of the office area. As per the reports, there has been little headway into the probe till now.

Indian Soldiers hails from Punjab

When to confirm the source’s report, Army Headquarters were being contacted, it confirmed that the documents have gone missing from the brigade headquarters in Jalandhar, Punjab. They continued by saying that the investigation has been started already but the exact chain of events which is the missing of documents was not yet known.

The officer from Headquarter said, “The¬†feedback from the brigade is that these documents were dated and not very recent. However, they were still rated as classified which means that they were to be kept in safe custody.”

Indian Army

The infantry in Jalandhar from where the documents get missed belong to 11 corps of the Army is also headquartered in the same city which comes under the Western Command headquartered in Chandimandir. The corps of the infantry is responsible to keep their eyes on the area along the Indo-Pak border. They control two division such as Ferozepur-based Golden Arrow Division and Amritsar-based Panther Division. The documents related to the corps of this infantry have gone missing.

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