Indian Media Counter Attacks Chinese Media’s Racism Video


The standoff between the two countries (India and China,) has been escalating in the recent months in the Himalayas and it was right a day or two ago that the soldiers took to stones and insults to have their own share of war.

Pelting of stones by Chinese and Indian troops in Ladakh region.

All of this wasn’t enough and China took over the social media to stomp a video portraying Indians as a bunch of hairy idiots and escalated a mouth war.

A video of a man wearing a turban, reflectors and a fake beard was posted everywhere on the social media on Wednesday by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua News.

They called it the ‘Seven Sins of India,’ citing and attacking India’s actions in the dispute between both the countries.

The Spark: 7 Sins of India

Instead of making everyone call Indians the culprit, the video provoked strong reactions in the country, China and all over the world. The video is being described as ‘racist’ by everyone.

An eye for an eye had to be quick, Indians posted their own share of disgust in order to give China a reply to their racist comments. The video by Hindustan Times of India featuring Vasu Primlani is a spot-on response.

You can watch the entire video here: 

These videos are the recent exchange in the ongoing border conflict between India and China. ‘Seven Sins’ was self- defeating and disrespectful.

And like the Indian video said, “Dear China, we ain’t buying your fake news.”