When Indian Navy Captain Refused Chinese Navy Chief to Enter Shivalik’s CIC Room


This incident happened when Indian navy was in China to take part in the naval exercise to mark People’s Liberation Army (PLA) navy’s 65th year of founding. It was year April 2014.

Chinese Navy Chief Wu Shengli accompanied with top 15 admirals from People’s Liberation Army marched on to Shivalik, docked in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao. Wu was on the ship to attend the reception which was thrown by the crew of the ship.

The Chinese Navy Chief was escorted by Captain Puruvir Das, Shivalik’s Commander and the Indian ambassador Ashok K Kantha. They were touring the vessel with them and Wu had a unusual request. He wanted to see a specific room, the CIC. The CIC or Command Information Center is the nerve center of the warship. It is a room where all the operations of the ship are managed and one good look by a senior navy officer can give a good insight of ship’s strengths and capabilities. It was exactly the reason why the senior admirals and the PLA navy ship wanted to have a look in the CIC room.

INS Shivalik during Trials

It has never been an incident that the chief of the navy asks to see the other country’s warship and even China itself does not reveal their CIC to any other military officers from other countries.

Indian Captain Das clearly explain Wu that he will not be able to take him to the CIC but would be very glad to give him a tour of the rest of the ship. As quoted by Hindustan Times, “Sources said the Chinese officers were very interested in Shivalik and was surprised that it had sailed all the way from Port Blair without any escort vessel or any other supervisory officer on board other than Captain Das himself.”

Wu was also told that he was welcome to visit the CIC during the exercise which was to happen on the next day in the Yellow Sea.

The Chinese Navy chief did not agree and he soon left the ship with the rest of the PLA navy team.

At that day, Wu did broke the protocol by asking to have a look at the CIC which never happened before.

It might be made clear with this that China was interested in looking how much strong Shivalik was. However Captain Das did not comment on this incident but he said that the it was the highest engagement that Indians had with Chinese.

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