Indian Navy chief heads to Vietnam to strong Military Ties, And Counter China

Admiral Sunil Lamba

India doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon in building active strategic partnership with other nations. After a dormant foreign policy for almost decades, Indian governments are now making some concrete decisions to assert India as a superpower.

New Delhi recently dispatched an Indian convoy with Admiral Sunil Lamba to Vietnam. This move holds a great significance. India has been working on its relations with Vietnam and other South Asian countries to counter the growing Chinese influence.

India has also sold its Brahmos cruise missile. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself visited Hanoi in September 2016 and announcing a new $500 million defence line of credit.  India has also stared oil exploration missions in South China Sea with collaboration with the Vietnamese which certainly attracted a lot of angst from Beijing which has claim on the Region

This visit will also attract same anxiety from Chinese which they have shown during the previous visits of Indian officials. China is already under a lot of international pressure after the ICJ verdict against it. And growing ties between two of its rivals is one thing it needs to be worried about.

Some time back- Indian stealth frigate INS Shivalik, on deployment in the South China Sea for various naval exercises visited Vietnam.

India could finally have someone to threaten china like china has been using Pakistan to get back to India. Except for the fact that Vietnam is a sovereign and stable nations and is not influenced by other nations, everything is same here as between china and Pakistan.


Vietnam would help India in a lot of ways. Not only could it be a strong defence partner but as a developing nation it has a lot of potential for trade. It could act as a gateway for India for its look east policy which apparently now has become act east policy.

Strong relations with countries like Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia will help us in a lot of ways. First there is china but not only that they would also help us to boost our economy by having access to new and developing markets whose potential remains untapped.

Wise move India, a very wise and beneficial move .

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