Indian Navy Chief Warns About The Situation at South China Sea

On Saturday, The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Sunil Lanba manifest his concern over the strife in the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea. Admiral Lanba said that territorial sovereignty of island states and nations has been conveniently ignored by some nations.
Lanba’s words focused on the need of oceans to remain ‘free and secure’ for the legitimate use by all the countries if countries want continuation in economic growth.

The Naval Chief during his maritime conference held in Goa said, “Shared ownership cannot be loosely interpreted into unquestioned resource plundering.” He added, “Preserving the fragile ecosystem, ensuring its sustenance for the common good and respecting the territorial sovereignty of all littorals is also a collective responsibility that may be conveniently ignored by a few.”


As per the Lanba, there should be an integrated ocean government for facing the forthcoming challenges in the Indian Ocean Region. He also demonstrated the strategic positioning of India in the Region of the Indian Ocean which was according to him is a tremendous opportunity for the country but at the same time, India had a greater role-playing in the same region.

The Naval Chief emphasized on the matter that shows an urgent need for oceans to remain free and safe for all nations who use oceans for their legitimate use. Also when conflicts arose between maritime states, they should be resolved through the mechanism of Established Conflict Resolution.

Lanba was quoted saying, “However, narrow, over-nationalistic attitudes at times tend to undermine such mechanisms as seen in part in the South China Sea or the Korean peninsula. This remains a cause of concern for all of us.”

Further, he stated, “A sinister nexus also appears to be emerging between various forms of maritime crime such as terrorism, piracy, drug smuggling, gun running and large-scale illegal fishing.”