Indian Navy is on Alert after Spotting 14 Chinese Navy Ships in Indian Ocean Region


In August, 14 Chinese Navy Ships were spotted by the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean region. The active presence of these ships without any authorized project is a serious threat to India. This growing presence which becomes a security threat to India, PLAN is connected with submarines deployed with marine vessels that are working for anti-piracy operations, the Indian Navy said today that for submarines there is a ‘weird’ duty.

The Indian Navy through its ‘mission-based’ plan from The Gulf of Aden to the Strait of Malacca has been closely monitoring the PLAN presence in the region. Navy is increasing its operational capabilities with progress on the purchase of second and third aircraft carriers, fighters and six nuclear power submarines.

Chinese Submarine

The PLAN deployment in the IOR (Indian Ocean Region) has been explained by the Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba in a press conference. He talked about the deployment of about seven to eight ships this year, out of which three are doing an anti-piracy project in the Gulf of Aden.

The Admiral said, “In August, we had a unique situation where we had the handing over and taking over going on between 2 anti-piracy escort groups so there were 6 vessels. There was one group going to the Baltics for exercise with three ships so in August for about 2 weeks there were 14 ships in the area.”

Lanba further added, “the alternate between a conventional boat followed by SSN (Nuclear Powered attack submarine) and there has been no change in this pattern.” He explained the Navy has been deploying two ships annually each of period of three months.

Chinese Navy

About the future presence of PLAN ships in Gwadar Port of Pakistan, the Admiral sees the security challenges for India. As the Chinese acquired a major part of this deal with Pakistan, hence it can create a major security threat to India.

Due to being a “pure security provider for IOR”, the Navy re-used the philosophy of its deployment. Now, these ships have been permanently deployed in the area of Andaman Sea, the mouth of the Malacca Strait, the Bay of Bengal. In every 24 hours to 48 hours, PLAN submarines are monitored.

There are ongoing discussions with many countries which include agreements similar to Resolving, Refueling which will increase the reach of its operations.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

By the end of 2020, the Indian Navy will induct Indigenous Aircraft Carrier(IAC-1) to modernize its Navy. It has also form and fit as IAC-2, which will be 65,000 tonnes. Even the next generation submarine program, Project 75-I, progressed to the end of 2018.

Next year, the Navy is likely to swim for the request for a proposal to purchase 57 multi-type carrier fighters. Lamba said that there will be no problem in supporting the budget for this acquisition. He also said that the Tejas Light Combat plane cannot currently be operated by a carrier deck.

As per US Pentagon report, China has the largest Navy in the Asian continent. Its submarine is likely to grow to 78 in number.