Indian Navy’s 2000 Crore Deal for Deep Sea Rescue Vehicles. How Good is That?


In the midst of government’s make in India initiatives, occurrence of extremely expensive foreign deal for supply of equipments for no significance assignment in operational functions of Indian navy is also imbalanced. The defence services and bureaucrats assigned with task of national defence need to distinguish between operational prerequisite and follow-on necessities of defence services. It is rather miserable that defence establishments are action-packed in getting such contemptible defence deals approved by the government. The regime must find avant-garde ways to keep a check on financial expenditure of defence budget since such deals put intense financial burden on the country and tax payers as well. The governments must ensure that there must be a matter-of-fact justification for every foreign defence deal. The government needs to perform proportional analysis of each defence deal for its advantages and utilization of equipments being acquired for armed forces.

As an independent and democratic nation, India must continue to strive for healthy relations with its neighboring countries to reduce apprehensions amongst nations. If India succeeds in maintaining affable relations with them than governments can gradually trim down spending on defence budget to facilitate spending sufficient money on various social causes for benefit of general public of India. Not to forget, as a developing nation, India is facing numerous significant collective issues where funds allocation is necessary to overcome from such concerns. Conversely, turning blind eyes to relevant social causes and frittering away colossal funds on extraneous defence deals is serving no purpose and ultimately will be responsible for disparity in overall development of the nation.

Prakash Chandra Bishnoi

The author is PO(Retd), Indian Navy, has served in Indian Navy for fifteen years and presently working as an independent Research Analyst and IFA in financial world. (The views expressed are of the author and necessarily not of DefenceLover)

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