Indian Policewoman breastfeed Abandoned Baby and Saved a Life

Pic Courtesy BBC

In Bangalore, authorities received the complaint from a local shopkeeper who found the newborn left at a construction site in Bangalore. The new born is now hailed as the government’s baby.

“I just couldn’t bear it,” she said. “I felt like my child was crying and I had to feed the baby.” as the woman told BBC News.

The policewoman only told her first name, Archana recently gave a birth to a son and felt very connected to the abandoned child. Her colleagues are full of appreciation and said that this action of her probably saved the child’s life.

Local people have named the child as Little Kumaraswamy, as per BBC news police officer Nagesh R took the child to a near by hospital after finding him in a bad state left in a pile of garbage.

The baby will now be taken care by children’s home.

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