Indian Scientists Successfully Conduct The First Shot Of The Electromagnetic Railgun

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Electromagnetic Railgun’s by Indian Defence Research soon would be completed the trail part. As this will give Indian Naval Force a superlative advantage and an ability to launch huge attacks on both sector-sea and land.
Scientists who are authorized with Indian Defence have successfully made the EMRG that can fire projectiles at the six times the speed of sounds or further Mach 6 or 4,600 miles per hour.

How is this beneficial?

Electromagnetic Railgun considers as the one of the best technology of warfare that gives Indian power. In this technology, scientists use kinetic and laser energy rather than controlled explosives for firing missiles.
However, in a statement the state-owned Defense Research and Development Organization said, “a 12 mm square bore EMRG has been successfully tested and they are preparing for the 30 mm variety. The target is to accelerate a one-kilogram projectile to a velocity of more than 2,000 m/s with a capacitor bank of 10 megajoules.”
Scientists further added, “A simple, single pulse driven railgun launcher was developed with a minimum of metal components in proximity to the bore to maximize the inductance of the launcher and to improve the launch efficiency. The launcher has a 12 mm square bore cross-section. The launcher was fabricated with lengths ranging from 1 to 2 meter.”


It is believed by the experts that electromagnetic railguns are the expertise example of India’s beyond the conventional fields for technology development.
According to the Rajiv Nayan, “As handling will be very easy, the armed forces can deploy it at any location in an emergency situation. It will be a very tactical weapon for the naval forces.”
Nayan is a missile technology expert at the Delhi-based Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses.

Commenting on the same another scientist raised his words as, “this kind of advancement with strength the power of armed forces also guides the Indian military’s approach to warfare.”
IDSA’s security analyst Ajay Lele said, “These are the times of early stages of development and more such tests in the future would help India to operationalize this technology, which eventually could demand some changes into the military doctrines.”
Electromagnetic railguns or EMRG has all the capability to give active, long-range, accurate and high volume Naval surface fire support to Indian armed forces.
Railguns will provide several benefits over traditional naval gunfire operations.