Indian Special Forces to get Air-conditioned Jackets Soon, Says Former Defence Minister


Manohar Parikkar, former defence minister spoke to media and told that trials for new air-conditioned jackets for the Indian special forces is going on.

PARA SF- Pic courtesy Navtej Singh

Manohar Parikar said on saturday, “In a Special Forces operation, there is extensive exercise. The body heats up, he (soldier) is very uncomfortable. At that time if he has an air-conditioned jacket, he is more comfortable. The trial is on.” reports AFP.

The Air-conditioned jacket

The former defence minister also spoke on LCA Tejas, he spoke that the only drawback of Tejas is that it’s a light plane and can only accommodate payload up to 3.5 ton. He also clarified that Tejas is one of the best airplanes in the world.

Former Defence Minister – Source- Telegu Mirchi

“It was completed some 5-6 years ago┬ábut the government was not inducing it. Minor issues were there. I consecutively conducted 18 meetings and saw to it that it is inducted in the Air Force… Now there are three planes and one new aircraft is getting added up every one or two months,” he replied to a question if India can manufacture world-class war equipment.

We hope our forces get air-conditioned jackets soon and they get secured more than anyone.