India’s Agni Vs China’s Dogfeng Missile: Who Will Win


India and China is on a standoff since past two months. The diplomatic talks are continuining and we hope the diplomacy takes over and situation of war and the dispute is sorted in peace. Both sides have their own piece of the land and if diplomatic process falls out, it can lead to any war which will be disastrous for both the nations economies.

Modi and Xinping

Both the nations have sufficiently developed ballistic missile programs and it would be important for to understand the capabilities of India’s and Chinese missiles.

Agni Missiles- How far they can reach-

Agni series have five missiles with different strike and capabilities and ranges. Agni 1 is a medium-range ballistic missile(MRBM). Agni has a range of 700-1250 km. Agni 2 has a striking capability of 2000 kms. Agni 2 can easily target western, central and southern China.

Agni IV

Agni IV and Agni V-

Agni IV can strike targets in all of China, if they are fired from the northeast. With the launch of Agni V missile, India made its Intercontinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM).

The Chinese have stated many times that India is understating that the range of Agni-5. DRDO initially didn’t give an idea of the range but later said, the range is around 5000 kms. However, there are speculations that the Agni V may have a bigger range.

Agni V

What do the Chinese experts say- The Chinese experts say that the India’s Agni V missile has a potential of striking more than 8,000 kilometers. The Chinese scholars say that the Indian Government is trying to hide the real strike range of Agni V missile. To reduce the weight of Agni, it is built with high composite content. The Agni’s launch system is canister launch missile system which can be easily transported from one place to other and can be fired from anywhere.

Agni V’s each missile has a capacity to carry 2-10 separate nuclear warheads and each warhead can have a different target. Agni uses solid fuel in comparsion with the Chinese missile which uses liquid propellant which takes more time to launch than the solid fuel.

China’s dongfeng missile

China has developed a family of missiles which are called Dongfeng. It all started in 1950 with the help of Soviet when the Soviet treaty of friendship, alliance and mutual assistance was signed.

Dongefeng 1 and Dongfeng 2 have a range of 500 kms and 1,250 kms respectively. Both came in operation in 1960s but now both are out of operation.

Dongfeng 3 or DF3, is the copy of Soviet R-14 Chusovaya missile which had a range of 2,500 kms and even that retired from the service and replaced by DF 21. Dongfeng 4 will be replaced by DF 31 and Dongfeng 5 will be replaced by DF-5A that can carry nuclear warheads over 12,000 kms.

D 31 Missile                                                                                                                                                        Source

China has a series of Dongfeng missiles and it’s reported that China has admitted that India’s Agni V is compared to DF-26 ICBM. The ICBM has a range to reach US base Mt. Guam in pacific range. DF-26 can carry a warhead that usually weighs around 1200-1800 kilometers and has a maximum range of 5000 kms.

India is also developing it’s Agni VI missile which will be in function in some years, the proposed range is more than 10,000 kms by DRDO. Some believe that they might name it as Surya Missile.

So, in the end, the Chinese missiles can cover complete India and even India’s missiles can cover compelte India.

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