When India’s ballistic Missile Was Left Unsecured In Korea


In 2013, India decided to showcase it’s highly sophisticated, quick reaction, all weather, all-terrain and highly accurate tactical ballistic missile, Prahar in a famous defence expo known as ADDEX at Seoul, South Korea. India was unveiling its tactical short-range ballistic missile “Prahar” which is a very sophisticated answer for Pakistan’s Nasr.

Prahar was developed by DRDO in just 2 years. It has some astonishing capabilities and is one the best in its class, with one of the fastest response time as compared to any other missile in its category with proper navigation and unmatchable accuracy. Prahar weighs 1280 Kg and can carry a warhead of 200 Kg with the average speed of 2,487 Km/hr (Mach 2.03) up to 150 Km.

Prahar’ was sent to ADDEX 2013 for demonstration and generally dummy variants of the weapon systems are showcased in such exhibitions but India had sent a fully operational test bud of the missile to the exhibition.

In October 2013, the exhibition got over. The missile system was about to come back to India but surprisingly the shipment was lost in the harbour of Seoul, South Korea and the worst happened when the shipment remained in the harbour for a month with no security. Indian tactical ballistic missile which has a capability of carrying nuclear warheads was left and it stayed unprotected and unsupervised in a foreign country’s harbour for a month. It’s unbelievable.

After a month, the shipment was carried on a commercial carrier and the missile system was now heading back to home. The only problem was, the route was very dangerous. The carrier will be arriving India via the ports of China, Manila, Singapore and Malaysia. It might be a possibility that Chinese and the other enemy intelligence have an input of this careless behaviour by Indians and they might examine the highly sophisticated weapon system of India.

UPA government tried to hide this mistake it a lot but when questions were raised about this issue, UPA government said that they will take care from next time, despite accepting a blunder the govt. showed a very irresponsible behavior towards country’s weapon of mass destruction.

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