India’s Next Generation Defence Aircraft To Be Build In Tamil Nadu


Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas which was invented and designed by the Aeronautical Development Agency, is planning for the new generation aircraft. To develop the generation defense aircraft, Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), by increasing an offer to private players in Coimbatore that can produce a technology demonstrator.

First of its kind offer not only having an indigenous military aircraft programme that is seeing the engagement of private players but also special defense plane development project is intended to be executed outside Bengaluru, India.


The following plan to be executed in Sulur in Coimbatore district. However, it could be the house the permanent home of the Tejas squadron that is known as Tamil Nadu’s first major defense aircraft project.

Tejas will gonna be replaced by the fifth generation aircraft and talking about the same ADA programme director Girish Deodhar said: “We’ve only invited an Expression of Interest and received an application from a few industries. It’d be too early to reveal names or numbers as the project is in a preliminary phase and final clearance is awaited.”



Tejas’s design and development agency have become associated with the AMCA scheme while the source related to defense said the involvement of private players is in line with the Centre’s ‘Make In India’ programme and it could help with the project’s timelines.

Further, Deodhar added, “There’s a proposal to implement the project in Sulur and the decision is based on the fact that Bengaluru has no space for technology development. The HAL airport already has too much testing. We looked at Chitradurga but it was not feasible because there was a problem with the approach part of the field. Since Sulur has an airfield, it looks good.”


As per the ADA, “own players will be needed to manufacture, assemble and equip two fighter aircraft and for the first time the industry will be involved from the stage of developing a process plan, design and fabricate parts, manufacture both metallic and composite parts, prepare sub-assembly jigs, create sub assemblies and transport them to the identified Flight Test Facility.”

(This article was originally published in The Times of India)

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