India’s Nuclear Scientists Are Dying Mysteriously For Many Years

Nuclear explosion created by American atomic bomb.

First of all being a nuclear scientist isn’t a facile career that can be opted by anyone. After hard work of many years, one reaches to such platform to serve for the country being a nuclear scientist. Nuclear scientists have to face many threats over their lives also and over the past decades, Indian nuclear scientists have been facing the same. A few of them suffered suicides, unexplained deaths, and sabotages. But, we barely come to know about those incidents. They have gone unreported.

Nuclear explosion

Last month the dead body of KK Josh and Abhish Shivam, two Indian high ranking engineers were found on railway tracks nuclear power submarine workers. The train was pulled from the line to avoid crushing them, but it was too late already. No marks were found on the body, so it was clear that they had not been killed by a moving train, and the reports suggest that they were given venom in other places so that deaths could be seen as casual or suicidal. However, the media and the defence ministry described this incident as a regular accident and did not initiate any investigation for it.

Scientist, Lokanathan Mahalingam

The mysterious deaths of the nuclear scientists aren’t something new to know. There is a long list of scientists who have lost their lives in suspicious incidents. Before this incident, in 2009, the dead body of nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam was found but termed as suicidal death which went unnoticed by Indian media. However, Pakistan covered the story and drawn the attention of everyone towards this suicidal death.

Mahalingam’s body was found in a forest where an armed group with weapons tried to abduct an official from NPC(Nuclear Power Corporation) of India five years ago. However, they failed. Also, in another incident, an NPC employee Ravi Mule had been murdered but the police failed to trace the cause of the death.

Trombay, the site of India’s first atomic reactor.

After a couple of years, in April 2011, another scientist Uma Rao’s dead body was found which was ruled by suicidal death. However, the family of Rao denied accepting the cause of death.

The deaths of nuclear scientists mostly fall into two categories – Suicide or if not then Unexplained. A police officer while talking about the cause of death of M Iyer said, ‘it was possibly the result of a kinky experiment’. They didn’t bother to find how he got internal head injuries, bruises, and cuts.

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) situated in Trombay, Mumbai

This failure is the admission of defeat on the part of the police force. After the rubber stamps have been approved, the government bodies do not allow officers to investigate further. This feature indicates the work of professional killers that restricts officials to trace the cause of death- but if this is the case, then why not better-trained spies allow to investigate cases of the deaths of nuclear scientists? In other countries, the death of the nuclear scientific community will create media storms and publicized highly, so why not in India?

The frequent failure of police will create dissatisfaction among the public. The series of nuclear scientists’ deaths is the one part to derail India’s nuclear and technology capabilities.

Submarine INS Sindhurakshak

As per an intelligence source, the explosion that sunk INS Sindhurakshak(a submarine docked in Mumbai) could have been a deliberate and planned. Also, other source alleged that it is CIA which was behind the sabotage of the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO). These mysterious death have caused fear and tension among those officials who are currently working on India’s various nuclear projects.

These attacks on Indian nuclear scientists are parallels with many attacks on Iran’s nuclear scientific community. 5 people connected with the country’s nuclear program have been targeted in the same way. Men on motorcycles stroke magnetic bombs on their cars and exploded after killing them. However, the Iranian government openly condemned these attacks and is incredibly outspoken in condemning these acts in blaming America and Israel. They are quite active in the investigation of these attacks.

Iranian nuclear scientist killed in bomb attack

But, this isn’t true in case of India. People in India are accepting what the police has been saying about the deaths.

In deciding who is responsible for these murders will be a pure speculation at this point. Two authors have alleged that America has been able to break the country’s technical efforts in the past; China’s relation with India is also not smooth, and the volatile relationship with Pakistan makes the country a major suspect

Indian nuclear physicist, founding director, and professor of physics at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Also called father of the Indian nuclear programme

However, the most important issue is not who is behind the murder, but the step taken by the Government of India which is potentially putting the lives of high-value employees at risk. The scientists who are important for the development of India’s nuclear programs are under no security.