India’s Rafale vs Pakistan’s F-16: Pakistan would need two F-16 to combat one Rafale


Remember the time in school when you were taught not to compare apples with oranges , well here we have to because our beloved little neighbour got no apples. I shall make clear that I am talking about the recent debate between Rafale and F16. While the Indian jet is quite advanced as compared the Pakistani counterpart but lets dig deeper into this issue here .

The French made Rafale is considered almost at par with the American F-35’s, it has cutting edge state of the art design and technology. While the Pakistani counterpart is an old model and it is considered obsolete by almost all the first world nations.

The rafale negotiations were in news for quite some time, from close to hundred jets initially the amount of shipment was reduced to 36 fighter jets. Although less in number these jets gave the Indian air force the much needed firepower it needed. These jets comes in different variants and are lethal weapon for air supremacy.


While one could not stop counting the pros of the Indian jet, its hard ignore how obsolete the F16’s have become. This is evident from the fact that Lockhead Martin, the company which produces these jets offered to shift its production of F16’s to India under Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India scheme. They offered that if the Indian government is ready to buy somewhere near hundred F16’s then they would shift the complete production of F16’s to India that includes jets made for India as well as other countries and their spare parts too .

The actual phrase an Indian might be looking for after this is, “in your face Pakistan” because if this deal is done then not only would India produces its own jets but Pakistan would have to depend on India for maintenance of its F16’s.

One simply cannot compare Indian air force with the Pakistani air force, the Indian side is way better then their Pakistani counterpart and can destroy Pakistani air defence in a very short time if needed. Even the Chinese cannot match the Indian air supremacy because of the terrain factor and the better technologies which are the courtesy of Defence Research and Development Organisation and ISRO.