When India’s top spy caught in Pakistan


R&AW is India’s finest and one of the premier intelligence agency in the world, their operations are mind blowing and highly India’s safety-centric. R&AW doesn’t put its nose in something which is not associated with the interest of the nation, though there is zero percent transparency in the working culture of the agency.

R&AW being the primary external intelligence agency of the country, which is the only organization responsible for gathering information and actionable intelligence to respond to any threat from outside the country. Gathering intelligence and information about any threat in the foreign land, for such dangerous and delicate job the agency need its finest men in the field.

This story is about one of the finest spy of India who went undercover in Pakistan for seven years, he worked in Indian High commission in Islamabad but nobody knows that he is a R&AW operative, his work was commendable during his tenure in Pakistan, but one day he got caught as a Hindu in the enemy’s nation where they hate Hindu’s and consider them not less than enemies.

This story is about India’s current NSA (National Security Adviser) Mr. Ajit Doval, one day he was returning from the mosque in Lahore and an old man with long white beard stopped him and ask one question which leaves Mr.Doval in complete shock. The old man didn’t know him but he asked “Are you a Hindu”, Doval was awestruck but due to his enormous experience in undercover operation he know how to reach to such situations, he denied instantly but the old man insisted about the identity of Doval.

After sometime Mr. Doval asked him, “What made you though that I am a Hindu?” the old man smiled and told Doval to follow him, he followed the unknown old man who has almost blown his cover in the rigid streets of Pakistan, they reached in front of an old house, the old man welcomed him and show him an almirah, he saw a pic of lord Shiv and lord Durga. Mr Doval was quite shocked internally but he didn’t it on his face, but he was seeking answers but couldn’t understand anything.

The old man turned to Mr.Doval and said your ears are pierced Doval tried to cover it by giving excuse that “yes I was a Hindu before but than I convert” but the old man didn’t convince by his story and told him that  I am a Hindu too, these people killed my family that’s why I have to disguise as a Muslim, Mr.Doval sighed in relief, the old man even advice Mr.Doval to take a plastic surgery cause it is dangerous to have that mark on the ears.





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