Indra-2017, India-Russia to train on Naval-Air blockade


Indra-2017 exercise between Indian and Russian military have already gained attention as the first Tri-Service bilateral exercise between the two nations.

On 18th October, an Indian contingent flew in IAF’s IL-76MD comprising of army and air-force personnel to russia’s Vladivostok. The next day, two Indian Navy ships, INS Satputra and INS Kadmatt arrived at Vladivostok port and were given a ceremonial welcome by Russian forces.

It is one of the biggest exercise India has took part in recent times. Indra-2017 will be conducted in the 249th Combined Army Range, Sergeevisky.

As per the statement released by Russia’s Eastern Military District authorities,ships of both nations will engage in creating a naval and air blockade of a simulated enemy.

When the practical part of the exercise is held, the ships of [Russia’s] Pacific Fleet and the Indian Navy will fulfill the tasks of organizing joint air defense at the sea crossing and creating a partial naval and air blockade of the simulated enemy.”

The exercise is expected to take part in Peter the Great Gulf and Klerk range in Primorsky Territory in the Russian Far East.

ASW Corvette INS Kadmatt, One of the two Indian Navy ships in INDRA-2017

Crews of participating vessels will carry out combined escorts, creating humanitarian corridors, cargo transfer while on the move, anti-pirate efforts. As an addition, a combined submarine hunting is also expected.

Pilots of naval aircrafts will participate in ASW, ship landing and rescue ops.

INS Satputra docked at Vladivostok for INDRA-2017

While the Indian side will be represented by Stealth frigate INS Satputra and ASW Corvette INS Kadmatt, the Russian side would be fielding vessels from its strategic Pacific Fleet.

It is the first time since its inception in 2003, that Ex-Indra has been escalated to a Tri-Service exercise. The strategic exercise is the product of Indra-Framework signed by both nations last year for better co-operation in military ties.