INS Kalvari rip off the ground target by Anti Ship missile


Indian Navy’s latest inducted Diesel-electric scorpene class submarine which was developed under the name of Project 75l, under this project India will built 6 Scorpene class submarine.

Scorpene class is consider as one of the most advance and stealth diesel electric submarine with its state of the art weapon configuration and Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) systems to enable them to stay submerged for longer duration and substantially increase their operational range. The first submarine to be commissioned in the Indian Navy of this class would be INS Kalvari.

INS Kalvari will take place of India’s retiring fleet of submarine from foxtrot class submarine, Kalvari keep some deadly weapon in her belly like Black Shark heavy weight torpedoes and Exocet Anti-Ship Missile.

Black Shark Torpedo being loaded submarine
Black Shark heavy weight torpedo

Indian Navy today successfully launched Exocet Anti-ship missile from INS Kalvari, the test was conducted in Arabian sea and the missile hit the surface target accurately. INS Kalvari showcased and tested its surface ship hunter capabilities by launching missile while being submerged, which add a good point in the submarine timeline after having sensitive data leak case sometime ago.

Exocet ASM

INS Kalvari is currently having her sea trials with Indian Navy and it is expected to be in service by December 2017.