China is Building top secret nuclear bunker for Top Leaders


China’s top leadership will take shelter in a nuclear bunker in case of any nuclear threat. The bunkers are built within the world’s most deeply buried caves that extend more than 2 kilometers underground. Hong Kong’s English language newspaper South China Morning Post reported on Sunday.

The nuclear bunker is located under the Xishan or Western Hills National Forest Park about 20 kilometers northwest of Zhongnanhai, the central government’s headquarters in downtown Beijing. The bunker is a part of Central Military Commission’s Joint Battle Command Center.

The old bunkers which were made earlier in China.

The command center is the brain of the military decisions, where all the decisions related to military intelligence, monitoring activities across China’s five battle zones and issuing orders to military operations at home are made.  “China has developed the world’s best technology and equipment for exactly this purpose,” said Liu Yong, a nuclear scientist at the University of South China in Hengyang, Hunan province, reported the newspaper.

The shelter has got some updates in past year. During the time of nuclear war, it has the capacity of holding a million people. There is a stable water supply for many days. Even the radioactive particles can be filtered.

The bunker can carry inter-continental ballistic missiles, tanks and planes. China now joins United States to have such bunkers which can provide security at any crisis time.

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