Why CRPF Commandment Chetan Cheetah Is A Living Badass, Took 9 Bullets And Fought Against Terrorists

Chetan Cheetah

Indian Army is fighting the proxy war against Pakistan in Kashmir since the 90s and this is continuing every day. Many Indian Army soldiers have sacrificed their lives and fought bravely to keep all of us safe. There were many who did their best and survived.

Chetan Cheetah CRPF Commandment
Chetan Cheetah CRPF Commandment

On Feburary 14, when all of us were enjoying on Valentine’s day, amazing courage and determination was shown by a CRPF Commandment Cheetah when he got an information of Lashkar-E-Taiba Suspect in the Parray Mohalla Hajin area of Bandipora District. He got the information from Jammu and Kashmir Police. To tackle the terrorists, a joint operation by Jammu and Kashmir Police, CRPF 45th Battalion and Army was carried out.

When the army was blocking every way to the place, the terrorists started firing on the army and in return the CRPF and the army fired bullets. According to a report in The Week, Cheetah killed top Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) commander Abu Musaib. He also fired 16 rounds of bullet despite he was hit by 9 bullets including one on the head, left arm, stomach. He was airlifted AIIMS Delhi from the army base hospital at Srinagar. It is a miracle that fighting for a month that our soldier is fit and fine. He was hit by 9 bullets and he survived on his mental strength and the hope of his family and the countrymen. For a month, Brave Cheetah remained in coma but he fought along. His wife was always there on his side and he is now out of danger and finally went back home after one and half months.

Once a soldier always a soldier.


He was actually a real badass and we hope he gets better and soon joins the duty.

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