The Inspiring Story of Havaldar Hangpan Dada Who Got Ashok Chakra Posthumously


On the morning of the Republic Day Parade, the President awarded the Ashok Chakra to Havaldar Hangpan Dada of the Assam Regiment. His wife, Chasen Lowang Dada received the award. Havaldar Hangpan Dada laid down his life for the country on 26 May 2016.

His wife, Chasen Lowang Dada receiving the award.

Fondly known as Havaldar Dada in the unit, he was the person who single-handedly counterbalanced three terrorists in the Shamshabari Range in the Kupwara district of Kashmir. After spotting four terrorists, he first blocked their escape route and then without caring about himself and his safety, he went forward to engage the enemy. He moved forward and came in close contact with the terrorists. He killed two of them at close quarters but was wounded in the process.

Havaldar Hangpan Dada

He did not stop there and went after the remaining two terrorists, came face to face with the third.

Despite the grave injury, he killed the third militant and continued in pursuit to eliminate the fourth terrorist. He was successful.

Unfortunately, he made sacrificed his own life in the process.

His brother said, “It is challenging to define him. You’ll run out of ink.”

You can see his story in this inspiring video made by Indian Army on Havaldar Dada. We salute him.


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