ISI Received Critical Information Through An Indian Cook Worked At A Diplomat’s House In Pak, Says Police


On Wednesday, a man hails from Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand has been arrested by investigators on suspicion that while working as a domestic help in an Indian diplomat’s house in Pakistan, he had bugged and provided intel to the country’s spy agency ISI.

The man from Uttarakhand is named Ramesh Singh who was working as a cook at the residence of a senior officer with the Indian Embassy in Pakistan. He shared crucial information with Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) in exchange of money. Singh worked at the house of diplomat between 2015 and 2017.

Indian High Commission In Pak

On Thursday, Anand Kumar, a senior police officer said in Lucknow, “The house of the officer was bugged. The officer’s devices (laptop and phone) were also bugged. It seems the ISI used temporary employees at the embassy involved in cleaning operations to get in touch with Ramesh.”

The police said, Ramesh used to go through the laptop, other electronic devices, diaries and files for passing on informations to the agents  of ISI. Officer Kumar added, “During his interrogation, we have learnt that ISI also tried to get information from Ramesh about military installations in UP.”

Mr Kumar further said that the cook had agreed to work for providing the information to ISI to repay his debts and was paid in dollars, “We have found that Ramesh was under debt from banks and from money lenders. Ramesh says he was paid 1,300 dollars. He was in debt of about 8 to 9 lakh rupees. And he has paid back most of this money. So it seems he got more money too.”

Ramesh Singh, Cook At Diplomat’s House

Ramesh’s brother is in Indian Army and through him, he got the job of a cook at the diplomat’s house in Pakistan. The police officer said, “It seems the brother knew this officer and he requested that Ramesh be employed as a cook.”

However, the police have not found any connection of any officer from the embassy in this matter.

The Uttarakhand Police, Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad, and the Directorate of Military Intelligence operated a joint operation to arrest Ramesh. Police recovered a phone from Ramesh. Earlier this month, a suspected terrorist from Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad got arrested and this arrest gave a hint of Ramesh and his involvement in sharing the critical information to Pakistan’s ISI.

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