ISIS Recruiter from Kerala Calls All Muslims to Attack on Hindus


A WhatsApp group called ‘Light of Kerala’ has recently surfaced an audio clip On November 14th which was giving direct signals for the riots by urging communal crimes against Hindus recorded by an ISIS recruiter from Kerala, as reported by The News Minute.

The recording was around two-minute duration made by an engineering graduate name Abdul Rashid. There were 50 audio messages including this one which all were about destruction and elimination of other religions and democracy except Islam.

In the group, Rashid influences to continue practicing Jihad against India and is also believed to have already recruited 21 members from Kerala into the terrorist group ISIS. If conjecture is to be believed, out of 21 ISIS recruited by him in Afghanistan four has been killed.

Abdul Rashid


According to the reports of The News Minute, Rashid maintains on killing the enemies including women and children.

“Keep waging war against the kafirs till it becomes dar-ul-Islam. You have kafir Hindus who pray to cows, snakes and even phallus. Shiva lingam is nothing but the private part of Shiva. Women and children worship it. Why do you let them live in peace? Allah says, finish them, kill them, and annihilate them.”

The message clearly speaks to its members onto finishing Kafirs by poisoning all their food and water. The other options suggested in the group for devastation were usage of knifes and derailing the trains all in the name of Islam. The communication was being used to plan attacks during festivals like Thrissur Pooram or Kumbh Mela.  The Las Vegas shooting incident happened this year which took 58 lives was also praised by Rashid in his message as he termed the concert venue as ‘the palace of Satan’.

Abdul Rashid also informs his target audience to be careful of many fake Jihad groups which work occasionally and should pursue Jihad in order to help themselves.

“There are organisations which claim to represent Muslims. They are fake ones, once in a while they issue anti-Hindu statement or at the most they manage to convert one Hindu into Islam. One must understand that we can never have our way in India, because India is ruled by Hindus. That is why you should wage jihad to help ourselves”.

30 year old Rashid is believed to have been living in Afghanistan with his wife Ayesha who was a Christian before marriage and a child. He left a private sector job in Kerala once he decided to leave the country in 2016.

National Investigation earlier carried out an investigation unveiling two such WhatsApp groups created by Rashid through which he has been provoking for destruction.

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