Israel Says They Will Never Support Pakistan On Kashmir


Top authorities from Israel have said, “Israel will not support Pakistan on the Kashmir issue under any circumstances.”

Reuven Rivlin, Israeli President and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi hug each other.

India has been significantly silent about Kashmir which is known to be a core issue between Pakistan and India but for India, the biggest problem with Pakistan is cross-border terrorism, and that has left the entire country in turmoil.

Central Reserve Police Force convoy was attacked in Pampore.

After India established a full diplomatic relation with Israel in the early 90s and for a while, Israel had endorsed India’s position mentioning that Kashmir is an integral part of the country. However, Israel started looking at Pakistan as a significant Muslim country after 2003.

After PM Ariel Sharon’s visit to India in 2003, the Delhi Declaration issued, that even at the first mutual visit by the PM of either of the countries, none of them mentioned Israel’s position on Kashmir. Similarly, after the recent visit by our present PM Narendra Modi, the first Indian PM to Israel, we did not see any reference (direct or indirect) to the issue of terrorism in public despite the uproar prevailing in the state of Kashmir for which India blames Pakistan.

Ariel Sharon meeting Atal Behari Vajapayee in New Delhi in 2003.

According to Israeli officials, “Israel in any way is not supporting Pakistan, whatever might be the situation in Kashmir.” This was given in response to the query in TOI to a delegation of Indian journalists and politicians, brought to Israel by the American Jewish Committee.

The query did not just provoke Israel to make the statement but also, despite declaring to back India’s stand on terrorism fully, the joint declaration issued after Modi-Netanyahu meeting last month, neither made a mention of the cross-border terrorism nor called upon Pakistan to bring the Mumbai attack perpetrators to justice. Instead, the Modi-Trump joint statement this year did not just ask Pakistan to expeditiously bring those responsible for Mumbai and Pathankot attacks to justice but also sought to combat Pakistan based terror groups (Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.)

Israel is rather mature in calling out statements regarding the issue. Just as India’s relations with Iran are not aimed at Israel, Israel’s relations with any country or even China too shall not be directed to India.

Modi in Israel.

However, while Israelis called Modi’s visit as one of the most successful visit ever by a foreign leader, there was a considerable disappointment at Ramallah. Ramallah that is barely 10 miles north of Jerusalem was ignored over Modi’s decision.

Khalil Shikaki, the director of Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, said, “There’s significant concern here that India is moving away from the policies it has followed since 1947.” He added further, “The current PM seems to be more interested in security and relations with the West. Palestinians appear to believe that they can no longer count on India’s support.”

Source: The Times of India