Israeli Paratrooper Shares The Craziest Experience on Duty


While serving for the country, we come across many crazy experiences and the Israeli veteran here shares the same.

Trying to teach nine, eighteen year old girls, over the course of three days, how to properly defend a Kibbutz 1 km away from the Gaza border.

I failed miserably.

Sometime back in 2015 when my unit was stationed in Gaza command, I got back to base from a weekend at home, and was approached by my officer.

My officer explained to me that I need to go to a kibbutz named Nahal Oz for three days, take in nine girls who have just finished basic training, and make sure they do guard duty in the Kibbutz.

You might be asking, why are nine girls being sent to protect a Kibbutz against Hamas?

Well, since the Kibbutz is 1 km away from the border, the Kibbutz requests close protection from the IDF. Since the IDF has literally hundreds of highly trained troops on the border, it won’t send skilled fighters to stand guard in a Kibbutz, instead, it sends girls who just finished basic training, for about three days.

As I arrived in Nahal Oz, I received the nine girls, with their rusty M-16’s (did not think they would even work), shitty vests and nail-polish.

Israeli Defence Forces

As I explained to them where we were, and what their job will be, I directed them to the places they would stand guard, made sure that all the girls knew what times they would start guard duty, and riled them up by telling them what lies 1 km away from them, and that this job needs to be taken in the utmost seriousness.

I concluded by telling them that they each have a personal radio in the guard positions, and that I can be reached any time, my radio name would be Lagoona.

The first two days went by smoothly, until I heard my radio cackling at around 2 am of the third day.


Me:”This is Lagoona, who’s on the radio?”


I was in doubt, but yet, I took the threat with extreme caution.

Me: “Lagoona to NC, put a clip in your weapon, yell at him to stop, and follow the firing protocol, I am on my way”.


Me: “You what?”

Radio: “I’M OUTSIDE YOUR ROOM !” *sobbing*

Exiting my room, I find nine frantic and scared girls, some crying, some hugging, some on the phone with friends and family. Indeed it seemed the apocalypse had come.

I calmed everyone down, put on my tactical gear, and headed to see who this threat was.

As I approached the corner, I saw my friend, on the other side of the fence, stretching after a run.

He had just finished 3 days of reconnaissance, and was jet lagged. He couldn’t sleep, and so, went out for a quick run by Nahal Oz, in an attempt to hit on one of the girls doing guard duty.

“Ben! What’s up dude? I’m pretty sure I scared one of your girls away…”

The Experience shared by Ben Kolber who served in IDF as a paratrooper for three years on Quora.

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