“It’s My Dying Wish, Take The Girl to Hospital First”, Writes Col DPK Pillay, Shaurya Chakra


Captain D.P.K Pillay was wounded grievously in a deadly encounter in Longdipabram village in 1994. However, he ignored the threat to his life and insisted upon the air-lifting of two children injured in the cross fire, before he could be evacuated. He also ordered that there would be no retaliatory actions following his own evacuation. For this great act of valour and sacrifice Captain D.P.K Pillay was awarded the Shaurya Chakra in 1995.

With his men, Capt. DPK Pillay(Now Col.)

Explaining that moment, Col DPK Pillay has written beautifully on his website, the way he has described the girl, the moment, gives us goosebumps and make us proud that we have soldiers like Col DPK Pillay who served in the Indian army. Whatever Col DPK Pillay has written is exemplary and deserves a salute.—

Wounded but kept hope that he will make it.

From the hospital, Col. DPK Pillay then Capt. wrote to his family.

“Hello amma, this is me ….
Oh I am fine absolutely fine.
How are you all? A small incident.
Yes my CO told me he spoke to you.
No no – I am not really hurt. Well, yes a bit but not so bad.
Just a few scratches. Please don’t cry. I am not hurt.
I hope they told you. I am a hero … everyone is proud of me … aren’t you too. I guess I will come home soon so don’t bother coming here. How are dad, Jyoti and Deepti. Tell them I am OK. I’ll write a detailed letter soon. I love you all”.

For all the selfless duty and bravery, we salute Col DPK Pillay, he was strong, extremely professional and also benevolent when it mattered the most.

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The story doesn’t end there. After 15 years, Col DPK Pillay went back to the place where he saved the girl. They were reconnected with very emotional bond. Even the terrorist who tried to kill him changed to a good person and respected him.

The bond still continues and it will be there forever!

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