After Losing Her Husband in Kargil War, Mother Gets Her Daughter Commissioned in The Army


Lance Naik Inder Rana was martyred during Kargil war, he hails from the Kumaon regiment. He fought bravely in the Kargil war. After the martyrdom Lance Naik Inder Rana, the family was broken but didn’t lose any hope. Like every family of braveheart, they fought against the situation and never gave up.

Bimla Rana, the wife of Inder Rana had responsibilities of two daughters and one son, the eldest daughter was only 6-years-old at that time, but it became difficult for their survival after family lost the father figure.

They had to shift themselves to Ranikhet’s regimental center where they stayed in a hostel operational for war widows. The attitude of the soldiers motivated them to never quit, and likewise, Bimla Rana decided to start a new life.

The elder daughter Meenakshi took admission in a government school, which was a Hindi medium school. Meenakshi had a very clear aim, she wanted to join the army. Bimla Rana was little worried after thinking of her daughter’s career in the armed forces. During an event of “Veer Nari”, she came to know about to know about women entry scheme and also that English will be one important aspect for joining the army. Despite having her primary education in a Hindi medium school, Meenakshi got admission in Ashok Hall Girls Awasiya school because she was a bright student.

The scores of Meenakshi were good from the start and she continued her academics from NRCC in Honours. Soon, Meenakshi applied for the army through women entry scheme and got selected, later she joined Officers Training Academy(OTA, Chennai) and got enlisted in the ordinance corps of the Indian Army. Bimla Rana believes if women will be allowed in infantry she would make her daughter join his father’s regiment, The Kumaon Regiment.

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