Kargil War: Pakistan Planned to Drop Nuclear Bomb On India, Former CIA official claims


Today is Kargil Vijay Diwas, on 26th July 1999, India won the Kargil war against Pakistan. Pakistan army intruded and made their bunkers just after the then P.M. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee came from Lahore. India knew Pakistan backstabbed. India went on an offensive and cleared all the Pakistani bunkers from the site.

Indian Soldiers at Kargil

Ex CIA analyst Bruce Riedel wrote an obituary of Sandy Berger, a former a former national security advisor to President Clinton. Bruce describes Sandy’s finest hour to stop the Pakistan using a nuclear bomb against India.

On July 4th, India and Pakistan were at war and Nawaz Sharif was at the Blair House in order to have Clinton’s help. The US knew that Pakistan started the war by sending hundreds of soldiers across the Line of Control, in the Indian territory. The CIA told President Clinton of the plan and what Pakistan wanted to do if things escalated.

Bill Clinton

Mr Riedel wrote further, “The morning of the Fourth, the CIA wrote in its top-secret Daily Brief that Pakistan was preparing its nuclear weapons for deployment and possible use. The intelligence was very compelling. The mood is the Oval Office was grim.”

Berger, the national advisor to Bill Clinton urged him to listen to Sharif but don’t promise any compensation. Riedel appreciating Sandy’s effort wrote, “Pakistan started this crisis and it must end it without any compensation. The president needed to make clear to the prime minster that only a Pakistani withdrawal could avert further escalation.”

Sandy Berger. American President Advisor

Sandy told the president that he must tell Sharif to withdraw the troops because only that will stop the war from becoming big and dangerous for Pakistan and as they are on the wrong side, they must withdraw troops. It worked and Sharif withdraw its troops, also he lost in the next term because of this decision.

Sandy already met his Indian counterpart in June and discussed over the Kargil issue. To his knowledge, he got to know that the war will go on a larger scale if Pakistan didn’t turn back and it might lead to a nuclear scale war and that meant a huge destruction. If Pakistan lost the war, they can go ahead with a nuclear arsenal in a sudden urge.

However, Sandy managed to handle the situation and possibly saved some big disaster that day.