Kargil War Veteran was Travelling on a Flight, The Crew Did Something Amazing


Never a soldier asks to be thanked for his great sacrifice for the country and it is all unexpected if they get any thanks from the citizens. The veterans do feel very nice whenever someone appreciates them for some work.

Major D.P. Singh is a retired officer of the Indian Army. He is a Kargil War veteran. On 15th July, 1999 he was fighting against Pakistan in the Kargil war. He was injured on LOC in Akhnoor sector. He was just 80 meters from a Pakistani Army post when a mortar fell within 1.5 metre of him; the shrapnel injured multiple parts of his body. A part of his right leg was amputated as it had developed gangrene.

Major DP Singh, Kargil War Veteran

Major DP Singh is also the India’s first blade runner and his name is mentioned in Limca book of Records as the “People of the Year 2016” list. Major DP Singh has a very inspiring personality and he is also a motivational speaker.

It was just a normal day and Major DP Singh was travelling on the flight, and then something amazing happened.

Major DP Singh

He shared on his Facebook profile sharing the wonderful experience. The Captain of the flight announced that there is a legend sitting on the flight that day. Major DP Singh wrote on his Facebook Profile.

Special announcement by Capt Aditya Singh Chauhan, 1st officer of Jet flight 9w 2624 flying from Jaipur to Delhi on 16th Dec 16 at 1400 hrs:
“ladies and gentlemen today, on this special day of Vijay diwas, we have a special guest among us, Major D P Singh of 7 Dogra regiment who fought Kargil war for us, let’s welcome and thank him for securing us” . And comes a platter of fruit with ” Jai hind” written over it.

Thank you Manju ( cabin crew in charge ) for your kind gesture, creativity and good care you extended along with your colleague Gaurav.

Thank you Jet Airways, Captain Mohit Shukla and 1st officer Captain Aditya Singh Chauhan for making me special.

Let this become a trend and we respect our soldiers. God bless.

What a day to get this pleasant surprise and honor.

We salute the gesture of the crew and we hope every Indian should appreciate what each soldier is doing for the country and for us.

The post is about an year old but gives a big message even today, Jai Hind!