Know How China Has Emerged As A Preeminent Global Strategic Super Power

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If we look back and see the China’s growth in defence sector then it is tremendous. For the past five years, China’s development in the field of defence program have been increased by multiples of growth rate. China to strengthen it’s defence system introduced programs of aircraft carrier, the fielding of an operational stealth fighter, the deployment of ICBM and several new state-sponsored programs in defence. The country’s air power and intentions against Aisa and other part of the world are only can speculated.

Back in 2015, China left behind US in purchasing power parity of GDP indicator and emerged as number one economic power in the world. Also, China produced 17% of the world gross domestic product in the year 2014.

On the one hand, China’s army unit is vast and has been emerging continuously. On the other hand, it’s defence aerospace programs are also emerging very rapidly.

So, let’s take an overview of some of China’s vast expansion in defence and aerospace projects:

1. The J-20, China’s Operational Stealth Fighter:


People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has just included stealth fighter into military service. As per the report, J-20 is a medium to long range inceptor like Russia’s old MiG-25 Foxbat. It has also compared with America’s F-22. In 2016, the news was flashed that China is selling J-20 to Pakistan and it make it first stealth fighter to be sold outside. Though the news wasn’t confirmed.

The aircraft is designed for defence of China’s air space and in case of exportation, can be export to the border countries.

2. DF-41 ICBM, China’s World Longest Range ICBM


DF-41 or Donfeng-41 is meant to strike the long range surpassing US’s ICBM. The range of the DF-41 exceeds 9,000 miles more than US’s LGM-30 which has 8,000 miles. The Dongfeng-41 flies at Mach 25 or 19,000+ M.P.H. with the capability to target any corner of the world in an hour. The advantage of ICBM’s launch platform is that it is launched from a wheeled, mobile vehicle platform which makes its launchers difficult to track and target also. DF-41 can carry 12 large nuclear multiple. All these features of DF-41 make it world’s longest range ICBM.

3. Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon, Joint Strike Fighter:


China’s second stealth fighter jet is Shenyang J-31 Falcon Eagle or Gyrfalcon. It’s a multirole and low observable tactical aircraft. It  is claimed to be able to perform both the precision strike and air-to-air role and also to export to the partner nations.

J-31’s latest version took its first flight on 26th December last year and it was launched with completely new tactical aircraft with an Infra red search. It’s engine are completely smoke free and it is providing thrust to its additional weight.

4. China’s Aircraft carrier program:


China has also worked on an aircraft carrier program, which tells about their future role in global security. Aircraft carriers are about power projection and they work outside the borders of any country to protect their interests throughout the world. When Chinese carriers arrive in India, Africa and South America, the impact will be significantly big. The nation is not new to an aircraft carrier development program. His research in the aircraft carrier was at least in 1985.

China has also have installed a new Z-8JH heavy rescue helicopter for expanding its role from power projection to humanitarian aid.

5. Chinese Gunships:


State news agency Xinhua reports that Z-19E is built for both the domestic and export market and is the first modern helicopter gunship. It shows the usual gunship with mix of helmet-sight cued cannon mounted in winglet pods, missiles and rockets also. Z-19E can be alternative option for Russia and US’s import attack helicopter.

6. China’s RPAs:


CH-5 CaiHong (Rainbow) took its first flight this summer on July 14 in Hebei Province. According to the defence personnel Shi Wen, “The UAV is as good as the US-made General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper: a hunter-killer drone often deemed by Western analysts as the best of its kind.” Not only that, it also aims the export buyers.

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