Why There is so Less known about Indian Army Snipers? Know More…


India is NOT the US of A.

We don’t advertise our heroes the way US does and we don’t make biographical movies based on their lives like American Sniper (2014).

But Why? I can think of a number of reasons.

Firstly, I think it is best to hide the identity of our most lethal killers to protect them and their families from any harm while they are serving and even after they retire. Terrorists could target them or worse.

Secondly, If we make the name of our snipers public, they could be the subject of criticism by the so called ‘human rights hawks’ of the country, who have never set foot in a combat zone but don’t miss any opportunity to criticise our armed forces.

Thirdly, some over zealous patriotic Indians may make them larger than life heroes which will draw unnecessary attention towards them — making them even bigger targets for Social media driven debates and newsroom ‘debates’ by arm chair ‘experts’.

Fourthly, some vested political interests may exploit their names for political gains (example — use of the recent ‘surgical strikes’ for political campaigning in UP elections). There could be needless controversies and political games over their names.

And lastly, sniping is a highly classified mission even in the military. Given the current situation on the LOC and Counter Insurgency operations in J&K and Northeast where snipers may be deployed, it is NOT advisable to disclose exactly how are they being employed.

India is NOT the USA and all Indians don’t have the same outlook towards our armed forces. Snipers are highly lethal specialists. It suffices to understand that Indian Armed Forces snipers are among the BEST in the world as evident from their performance in international military competitions.

We have enough Chris Kyles of our own, especially among our Special Forces. Unfortunately, the common public will never know their identity — and I think it is for the best.

The following was written on Quora by Jay Maan.

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