Lesson For China- If Indian Air Force was in action in 1962, India would have won the war


China has warned India to withdraw its troops from Dokalam(Or Donglang as said by China) and has been continuously forcing their propaganda through psychological and media warfare.

China has been warning for a war and saying that India will not be able to win a war against India and India should learn lessons from 1962 war.

The area of Conflict – Globalsecurity

However, Arun Jaitley’s coming in open and saying that this is not the India of 1962 was apt and it was important to convey the Chinese that they also must learn from 1962 war and not just India. China cannot be given a high-hand at Dokalam, because the area belongs to Bhutan and India has to protect the territorial interests of Bhutan as per the agreement between India and Bhutanese government.

China wants to undermine the territorial rights of Bhutan by entering its land and we cannot watch China silently of what they are upto to. The issue is not who wins the war and who loses. It is the question of maintaining the sanctity of the international borders.

However, if China dares India, it is not India who has to learn lessons from 1962 war but it is China who has to learn. India would have come out victorious even in 1962, had Indian Air Force been allowed to operate by then Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

India-China 1962 war

China should be day dreaming if they think they will be victorious if it pushes India in a war. India can not let China get an another inch of land even if it comes at a cost of fighting a war with China.

It would be in Chinese greater interest to withdraw troops from Dokalam and stop finding ways to illegally intruding in Bhutan and have meaningful dialogues with its neighbouring countries including Bhutan and India.

Few years back on the Independence day

The only face saving option would be for both India and China, to withdraw the troops from the Bhutanese territory of Doklam simultaneously and then any dialogue can start.

If China thinks that it can warn a giant like India through its talks, it will be nothing but wasting of time and resources. India is in a position to give a befitting and equal reply to China’s aggression, if China dares to challenge the might of Indian Army.

China understands the bravery and valour of Indian Jawans who stood like a rock in 1962. Rezang La, Nathu La in 1967 are the things China has understood very well. China also knows if Indian air force was operating in 1962 and given the signal to get on their work, China would have lost the battle.

A writing on Rezang La memorial

But still, China being an arrogant and repeatedly pestering their neighbours wants a conflict, and then it is bound to taught a lesson.

The more the time passes, it will be difficult for both armies to be at Dokalam as snow will be coming in October. However, Indian army has a lot of experience of being in Snow. Let’s not forget Siachen where our army guards in snow and very deadly conditions and still they keep us safe.

With India’s experience of the terrain, it will be in best interest of China to not go ahead with war, we have warned them and we hope they all know what havoc Indian army can do.

They have seen in 1967 Indo-China clashes at Nathu La when 400-500 Chinese casualties as compared to India’s number of 80. China got it’s lesson in those clashes and they went back silently. If it was 1967, it is 2017.

The final decision is in the hands of Chinese, to withdraw or to stay and get ready for anything that will come their way.

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