LeT releases an Online Magazine and Says 2018 Will be Tough for Indian Army


LeT, Lashkar-e-taiba is one of the biggest and the most active terrorist groups in South Asia, it mainly operates from Pakistan. It was founded my mainly Hafiz Saeed, Zafar Iqbal and Abdullah Azzam and was funded by Osama Bin Laden. It has been accused of attacking the Parliament and the Mumbai 26/11. The organisation is formally banned by Pakistan is in contrast supported by the nation the most.

LeT on releasing their online magazine in J&K has stated that the year will be tough for the Indian forces, with clear annotation of more terror attacks than before.

The terror organization claims itself to help the common people of Kashmir in liberating them from India and helping with their struggles in the state.
LeT on a literal level means ‘Army of the Good’.

To a question on the LeT being a “proxy” of the Pakistan army, Ghaznawi says: “LeT is the common man’s struggle. It represents true aspirations of J&K people .”

Ghaznawi goes on, that other country having less divine faith and more military power use the term proxy, but the Pakistan army is capable of dealing with any issues completely on their selves. He says that that term ‘proxy’ is absolutely baseless to them. Ghaznavi understands that Pakistan has a moral as well as a legal purpose to support the Kashmir issue stating it as the country’s unfinished agenda after the Hind partition.

“We have been distributing literature based on Quran and Hadith to show these groups actually are misled (sic) people and helping the Indian cause”, he says about the terror groups active in the state.

“Dealing with this kind of online propaganda and building a counter-narrative is necessary to bring normalcy in the Valley”, reacts an officer posted in the valley, on LeT’s claims.

Arun Chaudhary, retired IPS officer who served as an Intelligence Bureau officer says: “LeT has always been the tech-savvy outfit. It is trying to rope more local boys into militancy and these prospective recruits are proficient in the use of social media. Therefore, an online magazine is the best way to reach out to them in the Valley”

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