How is life after marrying an Indian Navy Officer


Firstly, you get to stay in decent cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Vizag, Chennai & Kochi etc; if you get married to an Officer from Indian Navy, unlike other two services!!

Secondly, Sea-time for an officer (depending upon the branch, Mainly Viz. Executive, Engineering & Electrical) is generally One & half to three years in each rank. During this period, sailing of his ship/submarine may be from one day to two or three months and if sailing is more than a week, they touch some ports en-route.

Thirdly, during sailing time, when husband is away; the Naval fraternity staying in the home port are very helpful towards ladies and their families staying back, like odd jobs at school, ration, groceries, bank etc and you may not feel the absence of your husband!!

Lastly, during transfers (normally every 3 to 5 years in one station), you may get accommodated in Transit Mess or at friend’s house (who are on leave) for few weeks, till you get your own accommodation!

I am sure, you will enjoy happy life in Indian Navy by marrying an Officer and would be equally proud of the Indian Navy!!

Good Luck and all the Best!!

Cdr Narayan Kulkarni (Veteran)