Lost Her Soldier Husband at 21, Kicked Out of Her In-Laws’ House when Pregnant, Nidhi Dubey Becomes an Officer


Nidhi Dubey has made the country deeply proud by join the Indian Army. Nidhi is commissioned as Lieutenant in the Indian army. This is the just the start of her inspiring story. She is the widow of Indian army Jawan, Mukesh Kumar Dubey who sacrificed his life in 2009.

Nidhi was only 21-year-old and married just one year ago and she was 4 months pregnant at that time, when she heard of demise of her husband. Nidhi, since then, got no support from in-laws and she was thrown out of house in her pregnancy which led to Nidhi going in depression.

After being abandoned by her in-laws Nidhi started her new life and fighting depression for several months at her mother’s home.

The birth of her son Sagar that made her feel motivated to do something extraordinary in her life, and got the courage to fight back and win in life. She decided that she will never show that she is weak to her young one and decided to finally join the army.

Nidhi moved to Indore for persuing further studies of MBA and also she took a job in a reputed company and continued working for one year. After learning of Nidhi’s success, her late husband’s seniors got in touch with her and they advised her to prepare for SSB exams.

Although the army usually accepts new cadets between the age group of 20-25. the academy relaxes the rule for widows of army soldiers which gave Nidhi an opportunity. Nidhi soon enrolled and she started training of waking up at 4 am and running for 5 kms everyday.

During the day, Nidhi used to teach at the army school and at night she used to prepare for her exams. Nidhi soon cleared her exams and she was sent to Chennai for training. This resulted in Nidhi to meet her son only twice a year but she kept on going to be successful and never giving up. She remained strong for her son and kept the legacy going on.

Nidhi’s brother, Neelesh Sharma feels extremely proud of her sister’s accomplishments. She is 32 and she is now an army officer, nothing can be more inspiring for us right now. We feel proud of her. 

Indeed, every Indian is proud of Nidhi’s achievement that has come against all odds. Life is never easy for us but it’s just how well we train ourselves and never quit, no matter what you are facing in your life right now, keep fighting and you will win for sure, sooner or later.