Major Gaurav Arya Tweets about This Wound Ribbon and 90% of Indians Don’t Know About It


Why this story? Recently we realized that how less we know about the ribbons which are a matter of a pride for any soldier. Major Gaurav Arya recently met DGP J&K Police, Shesh Paul Vaid and there was one thing which grabbed his attention, that was a ribbon, which lot of us must not be aware about.

This medal is wound medal or Prakaram Padak which is an Indian military award given to those who sustain wounds as a result of direct  enemy action in any type of operations or counter-insurgency actions. The wound medal was established in 1973 by the President of India and the wounds dated from 15th August 1947 are included.

War Ribbon

Criteria for being awarded wound medal, or known as Parakram Padak(new name).-

(a) All ranks of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, of any of the Reserve Forces, Territorial Army, J&K Militia and any other armed forces of the Union;

(b) All ranks of Railway Protection Force, Police Forces, Home Guards, Civil Defence Organization and any other Organization specified by Government.

Note. – Crews, including ejection crews of an aircraft disabled by enemy action, who though they may not have been otherwise wounded, sustain any injury while abandoning the aircraft or as a result of the subsequent landing of the aircraft, will be entitled to the award of the Medal. The medal shall not be awarded posthumously as per the criteria stated by Indian Army.

Design of The Medal and Ribbon

Official instructions of medal by Indian Army- Circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35 mm in diameter and fitted to a ring. It shall have embossed on its obverse the State Emblem with its motto and the inscriptions “Parakram Padak” on either side of the State Emblem along the rim. On the reverse of the medal shall be embossed a replica of Ashoka’s Chakra in the Centre.

Ribbon. White, red and white colours divided into equal three parts. If you observe many senior officers, you might find a wound ribbon.

General Bikram Singh, Former Indian army chief

If any recipient of the Parakram Padak has again sustained/sustains a wound as a result of direct enemy action in any type of operations or counter-insurgency operations on or after 15th August, 1947 as would have made the recipient eligible to the riband by which the Parakram Padak is suspended, and for every such additional wound sustained, an additional Bar shall be added.

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