Major Nikhil Handa Made Major Dwivedi Friends on Facebook to Get in Touch With Shailja


Since the time technology has made, Facebook has become a new tool to get in touch with strangers. We must be cautious enough with whom to be friends on Facebook. It can prove deadly if we are not alert.

Shailija Dwivedi, wife of Indian Army Major Amit Dwivedi was killed brutally on June 23. Not many known Shailija who hailed from Amritsar was a finalist of the Mrs India Earth pageant in its 2017 edition. Another Army man Major Nikhil Rai Handa is suspect to murder Shailja Dwivedi. Handa who didn’t have many friends in real life was very active on Facebook. He came into contact with Shailja on Facebook in the year 2015 after seeing her photograph on a common friend’s timeline.

Shailija Dwivedi

To come closer to Shailija, Handa then befriended her husband, so that he could attend parties at the Dwivedis’ residence. With time, he started visiting her house in Nagaland. Police said, things were going good between Major Dwivedi and Handa until Major Dwivedi found a video call from Handa to his wife. After seeing the call, he asked Handa not to come his house again.

Police claimed, Major Handa’s career record started dipping for the last few years. He was completely involved in convincing Shailija to divorce her husband to continue a life with him. Handa didn’t stop there and started staging several fights with his wife to convince Shailija that his was a troubled marriage. A source claimed that “He told us he had troubles in his married life as well and was pushed to the level where he could not think of any other option but to eliminate Shailja.”

Major Handa

On the other hand, when Police interrogated Handa’s wife, she agreed to had doubt on him. But when she confronted her husband, he always convinced her by some means. The police said, “There was nothing wrong between the two of us and we had a happy family.”

Handa is the son of an ex-merchant navy officer and his cousin serves in the Army as an officer. As per police’s claim, he was very close to his brother, Rajat and disclosed him about killing Shailija.

According to Police, “He told him he had stabbed Shailja and was in dire need of money for a couple of days.” Handa got arrested within 24 hours of allegedly killing Shailja.

Shailja once had said, “A family was complete when you have a loving spouse, a naughty child and a bond between them which has threads of love, respect and feelings for each other.”

She was killed on June 23 when Army Major Handa ran a car over her and her dead body was found near Brar Square in the Delhi Cantonment area.