Man Allegedly Tied To Army Gypsy To Prevent Stonepelters in J&K


Few days back, a video went viral which had a Kashmiri hitting an Indian Army soldier. Even after armed, the soldier quietly walks and doesn’t react a bit. Now, a picture is tweeted by Jammu & Kashmir’s former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, Indian Army which has a young man tied in front of the gypsy to avoid stone pelters. The video clip is taking the social media by storm and ANI news has reported that the Indian army is verifying and investigating the claim.

If the video is real, it seems to be action of Army, the reaction of the video came online few days back. In the previous video, the local Kashmiri were slapping and kicking the CRPF Jawan. After asking why you didn’t retaliate despite being armed. The CRPF jawan replied “We have to keep safe the voting machine anyhow.”.

Many famous personalities and organisations are tweeting about the incident. People are getting offended by it, but it is very hard to save lives when everyone around.

Anupam Kher tweeted a video about the incident, he backed the act of Indian Army. Anupam Kher is taking stand for the Indian Army since very long time.

He said, “I feel very angry not just because I am an Indian but on humanitarian grounds as well. It’s time to expose all those pseudo-intellectuals who keep talking about the incidents happening in Kashmir, But they should realise this is also the reality.”

“You can very well imagine if such things are happening with the soldiers, what they actually did 27 years ago with arm-less, innocent Kashmiri Brahmins and Kashmiri Pandits. I am feeling so angry that I cannot even speak.”

“It’s time to get together and expose not only these fringe elements or these terrorist-loving people but also those people who do not comment when something like this happens.”

He concluded the video with ‘Jai Hind’.

News Reporter of News 24 confirmed that above incident was a demonstration by Indian Army 

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