This Man has written 4000 Letters to Families of Martyrs In 17 Years, 38000 More To Go

Source - Indiantimes

We all are safe because somebody has already paid the price of our safety and freedom by giving his life. Every year hundreds of Indian soldiers sacrifice their lives in the different region of the country. Every news of the martyrdom of any of our brother makes us feel hurt and angry, and  suddenly, everybody becomes patriotic and starts talking about the cause of the bloodshed, but after some time, people start forgetting their names. The topic is forgotten by the upcoming Bollywood gossips, politics and other issues in the nation.

Those who sacrifice their today for our tomorrow should be remembered till the last day of humanity. One man from Gujarat is preserving the much-needed respect that every martyr deserve. Meet Jitendra Singh, a private security guard in Surat, Gujarat, this man never always remember to convey his condolences to the families of the brave hearts.

Source – indiatimesJitendra Singh isn’t doing since few days, he is writing letters to the families of martyrs since Kargil war of 1999. Jitendra Singh is from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district’s Kuthkheda village. He has a generation long history of his family who served in Indian Army, his dad served in the Mahar regiment.

Source – IndiaTimes

In the Kargil war, one of the soldier martyred was from his company and that inspired him to write letters to the families of martyrs. Jitendra has written about 4000 letters since Kargil war and he has 38,000 addresses of army personnel’s families. He doesn’t earn too much and his salary is Rs 10,400. Due to that, he fails to meet his financial needs but that don’t stop him from buying postcards and write to families of the martyrs.

Source – IndiaTimes

Jitendra has a stationary of 900 Kg which he collected to get information of the families of martyrs and he wanted to write letters to as many families as possible.

One of the letter which he wrote to a martyr’s family!

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