Meet Lt. Vivek, from a Model to An Army Officer


We all have of that one dream that we want achieve to make our life worth. Many of us have tried to be in the armed forces and somehow we get rejected a lot of time and there are some who didn’t give up and finally get recommended. Here’s one more story of that-

“I always loved to get photographed but sometimes it becomes hard to differentiate between your passion and profession. Your hobbies and your likeness. I was always inclined towards glamour, parties, fitness, photoshoots, love for guitar and modeling offers all this but what attracted me the most was olive green that too with twinkling stars”, speaks Lt. Vivek to

He further said that wearing olive green was his prime goal from the first day but he got conferenced out for three times. Finally he cleared SSB exam and got recommended and joined Officer’s Training Academy.

Managing work and preparing for CDS was too hard for him but finally he did it. Remembering his OTA days, he recalled funnily that he remembers the days when his seniors ask him to do a ramp walk everytime he crosses his way. The seniors asked him to do a ramp walk as soon whenever they found him.

He still gets calls for model shoots and get together but he feels nothing can ever match being an army officer. Indeed, he is now a role model than just being a model.

Defencelover wishes him the best of luck.

Pic courtesy – Aritra Dutta
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