Meet the Man who saved Rs.20,000 Crores of the Indian Army

Professor Shantanu Bhowmick
Professor Shantanu Bhowmick

Indian Army soldiers never got equipment like bullet-proof jackets made by Indian manufacturers but for the first time in 70 years, Indian soldiers will use Indian made bullet-proof jackets.

The jacket is the brainchild of Professor Shantanu Bhowmick, Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering at Amrita University in Coimbatore. His design has been approved by the Ministry of Defence, India.

Bullet Proof Jacket
Bullet Proof Jacket

At present, the Indian Government spends approximately Rs 1,50,000 on a single bullet-proof jacket, which are manufactured in the United States of America, that the soldiers from military and para-military forces use. The jacket designed by Shantanu Bhowmick, however, will cost only Rs 50,000 per jacket, which will make the Indian Government save up to Rs 20,000 crore every year.

Indian Army
Indian Army has faced a lot of casualties in Kashmir due to bad logistics.

According to credible sources, the technology will also make the jackets nearly eight times lighter. While the present ones weigh around 16 kilograms, the new jackets will weigh only 1.5 kilograms. The jackets can be worn by the Army personnel in temperatures as high as 57 degrees Celsius.


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