Mind Blowing Trick Used By Indian Army Which Involved Para Regiment During 1971 Indio-Pak War


This one pic was used by Indian Army to fool and force Pakistan Army into surrendering in 1971 Conflict :

When 1971 War broke out , PA had 4 divisions in East Pakistan as a countermeasure to Indian attack . Indian Army had otherwise planned a Blitzkrieg attack to force PA into surrender and claim Dhaka and that is why the ‘Predators’ of Indian Army aka 2 PARA were called in and were para-dropped at Tangail to cut off retreating Pakistani 93rd Brigade who were falling back to defend Dhaka.

Now lets go back to Government offices in Delhi where Ramamohan Rao was responsible for Press Releases about Indian Army advancements in East Pakistan. Major General Gill of Parachute Regiment took him to confidence to heavily publicize about Indian advancements to create a soft power on Pakistan establishment.

Now no photographs were available of Tangail Air Drop and hence Ramamohan Rao put up a pic which he clicked an year ago when he covered an exercise done by Indian Paratroopers and released it with a caption that those were Indian Paratroopers being para-dropped at Tangail. He did not care to mention the part that it is a “FILE PHOTO” and not related to present action.

The next day this photo was circulated widely in international media showing that an entire Para Brigade has been para-dropped at Tangail and is on its way to Dhaka. In reality only one battalion of some 600–700 men were para-dropped but a brigade size was no less than few thousand paratroopers and that too highly trained and highly motivated against Pakistani troopers who were de-motivated and lacked support after constant defeats and failures.

When General Niazi surrendered to India, one of the reasons he cited for his action was this photo which he pointed at a Times London Newspaper. This one trick either done cleverly or by mistake surely had its consequences which tilted the outcome of war in favor of India.

Ramamohan Rao was appreciated by his seniors and he soon received a phone call later from the legendary R.N. Kao, founder of R&AW. He later became the ‘Kaoboy’ one of the first members of R&AW.

The Story Ends…..

This story is written by Harsh B. Mishra on Quora