5 Biggest Movie Mistakes Of The Ghazi Attack You Didn’t Notice


Just few days back, I watched The Ghazi Attack. No doubt, the movie’s direction is good and the acting by the actors, Kay Kay Menon, Rana Daggubati and Atul Kulkarni was pretty good. However, I watched The Inglorious Bastards, Enemy at the Gates few days back. And all other Hollywood movies made on world wars, are particularly shot at the places, which are very well researched. Even the insignia, the cast and the locations are carefully researched before directing a movie.

The movie makers of the The Ghazi Attack, based on the true events of sinking of PNS Ghazi by INS Rajput as Indian Navy claimed on 9th Dec 1971. However, the event was of sheer courage and bravery of our armed forces, the movie The Ghazi Attack has some mistakes which could be avoided if the filmmakers paid attention to the detail(However, they said it’s a fiction but still protocols should be followed).

Let’s look at the mistakes which shouldn’t have happened.

  1. Wrong Rank- Kay Kay Menon is not a Captain.
    Kay Kay Menon in The Ghazi Attack

    Rann Vijay Singh is not a captain but commander. The insignia is clear in the picture above and he cannot be called as Captain by the Admiral of the Indian Navy. He sure as hell is the Captain of the boat and can be called as Captain but that as a designation and not as the rank. Even if he is called inside as the Captain rightly but the Admirals can’t refer a Commander as a Captain. Even in Pakistan Navy, they referred Pakistani skipper as Pakistani Commander but not to the Indian Navy. This is something which should be cleared and an inescapable excuse.

  2. The Wrong analysis of submarine Speeds:
    The Ghazi Attack Map
    The Map

    It feels the marking on the maps are moving so rapidly that they are travelling faster than the speed of sound. They are literally putting the marks every few seconds, there should be proper time division which should be shown which wasn’t. Any one with a little experience over a map can tell easily that they are marked hundreds of miles in just few seconds. The filmmakers have to give the attention to detailing, they just can’t give wrong information to the uninformed citizens.

  3. The Salute- The salute of every navy around the world is more or less similar since many decades. The normal procedure of Indian Navy salute is, the palm faces the floor(deck) and the longest finger touching the brow. Indian Navy Chief Right SaluteIf the movie is intended to be full fledged war thriller based on Indo-Pak 1971 war, at least the officers and senior officers of the Indian Navy should salute in a right manner. But that didn’t happen. Again, a failure in observing the details by the filmmakers.
  4. A Crazy Boat Captain- It was unusual to find a Commander asking an admiral that will he has to take a permission to do anything if the enemy appears in the front of him. In the movie, the role of Admiral S M Nanda is played by Om Puri and he is telling the commander that we are not at war unless we start one. No matter how difficult or impossible may be the situation, all the civilized forces of the world have to follow orders. If anyone like Cdr Rannvijay Singh shows up in the navy, he would be in strict orientation or he would be discharged from the army for his attitude and behaviour.
  5. Lt Cdr Arjun, role played by Arjun Kapoor swims in the flooded department and defies all the laws of Physics and fluid dynamics.
    When the movie was ending, Arjun jumps into the flooded compartment where in the water starts gushing in. And the two sailors manage to close the hatch after Arjun goes inside. The water is gushing at a very speed and exerts hundreds of pounds of force and Arjun gets an entry automatically. In a real situation, that would leave the person inside the compartment with a thrust of 10 feet and due to massive bleeding it will be instantly death at the moment, but he wasn’t hurt at all and the way he came inside the closed compartment was just with the force of water which was again something which defy physics.There have been lots of moments when a lot of things were screwed up. We hope Bollywood gets serious for the war movies and show correct facts or at least try to. Source- Samarth Singh

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