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Terrorist in Kashmir
Terrorist in Kashmir

Indian Army started their counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operation approximately 30 years ago. Army launched Operation Rakshak to ensure peace and zero anti-national presence in the valley. Indian Army has done a commendable job in the valley. The Statistics showcase the real work analysis of the Indian Army and other forces working 24/7 and 365 days in the valley.

Indian Army has killed more than 21,000 militants in the valley since the beginning of the Operation Rakshak. The Operation is a complete success despite losing a lot of brave men. Operation Rakshak can have the main credits by which Indian Army deployed their troops during Kargil war was so swiftly. The firefight experiences in the operations helped Indian Army to dramatically improve their skills and fighting capabilities.

Inspector General of Inspector General of Police (Kashmir) SJ Mujtaba Gillani agreed there has been a rise in new recruitment into militancy. “Definitely there has been rise in local recruitment, largely since last year,” he said.  In South Kashmir, he said, members of the Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Toiba are motivating more potential recruits.

Indian Army and Paramilitary Forces are dominating the North Kashmir, their quick and accurate actions are breaking the backbone of Insurgency in Kashmir. Due to the supremacy in North, the militant are hiding and moving towards Southern Kashmir to execute their activities. Southern Kashmir is quite normal than the Northern part. Militant organizations are now running their recruiting process for the potential recruit in southern Kashmir.

The militants are using social media for the propaganda and trying to make this anti-national act look cool. The sole purpose of this marketing is to attract recruits, the idea emerged when Pakistan-based terrorist outfits made a Kashmiri boy their poster boy. Burhan Wani created a team with the mix of two major terrorist outfits of the valley Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen.

Burhan Wani and the mixed group of militants from JEM and HM killed by Indian Army
Burhan Wani and the mixed group of militants from JEM and HM killed by Indian Army

The above pic became the ultimate weapon for the armed forces to search and kill all the militants in the photograph. These social media campaigns give enough intelligence to Indian Army to respond. Indian Army eliminated this whole group by the reference of this pic.

Another pic and video of around 20 militants surfaced on the internet, all the militants were armed to teeth in the video and spreading propaganda. More videos are coming daily of the same militants. The group is spotted in the different areas of in Shopian, Kulgam, Pulwama and parts of Awantipora. The pictures and video have created a tricky situation for the armed forces because to neutralize a similar group before Army had to launch various operations. This new group is bigger in strength and the militants are looking well armed.

Indian Security Forces may started the search of those militants, who can take inflict some heavy damage to the security forces and the peace in the valley. The thing is very sure that these social media practices will ultimately help security force to find them and neutralize these anti national elements.

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