Mudhol Hound: The First Desi Dog Breed From Karnataka To Be Inducted Into The Indian Army


The first of its type of attempt has been made with the training of an Indian breed of Dog, Mudhol Hound who is to be inducted into the Indian Army. The Army has been using their trust worthy breeds German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain dog and Labradors, which makes this Mudhol Hound from Karnataka the first desi dog to make it there.

The Karnataka dogs were trained in the Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) centre in Meerut. Six dogs that have already been trained will be inducted into the Jammu and Kashmir base, likely by this December. The Army has its plan of using Mudhol sight hound for surveillance purpose and border protection duties.

The six canines that have been taken for testing at the Army’s Remount Veterinary Corps at Meerut were bred after selection at CRIC. The Canine Research and Information Centre (CRIC) is located in Thimmapur near Mudhol in Bagalkot district of Karnataka which is unit of the Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar.

Everything You Need To Know About The Mudhol Hound.

The Mudhol Hound also famous as Caravan Hound is an Indian breed of ‘Sighthound’ dog which primarily hunt by sight and speed, instead of scent and endurance as scent hounds do.

The feathered variety is commonly referred to as a Pashmi or Karwani. It is commonly used as a pet for hunting and guarding by the villagers in India’s Deccan Plateau.

This breed can be recognised under different names as The Kennel Club of India (KCI) registers it as a Caravan Hound whereas the Indian National Kennel Club (INKC) uses the name Mudhol Hound. The Indian Postal Department released the postage stamp with face value of Rs.5.00 for Mudhol Hound, Himalayan Sheep Dog, and Rampur Hound.


Characteristics of The Madhol Hound

They are found in two coat varieties, one with an entirely smooth coat and the other with silky featherings on the ears, legs, and tail.The colours they usually are of fawn, fallow, red, cream, black, and mouse-grey, or any of these colours broken with a minimal amount of white.

The Madhol or Caravan hound has precise features and characteristics. It has a long, clean and muscular neck. Along with a long and narrow head broad between the ears with a tapering muzzle, the nose is large and black and oval eyes. The Mudhol has long and powerful jaws with a scissors bite.