National Defence Academy Principal Forged Papers, Booked by CBI


CBI conducted raid and booked 13 teaching faculties -that trains cadets for the Indian Military- Including The principal of the National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla for inquiry. They all are ineligible for their posts and allegedly got their jobs on the basis of false certificates and documents.

On May 9, a preliminary inquiry has been registered by CBI following an FIR against the 13 who were appointed as teaching faculty. The names of faculty came into light this week when CBI conducted raids at the NDA campus and seized several documents. The seized documents include marksheets and appointment letters. However, CBI has not arrested anyone till yet.

National Defence Academy

The FIR has been lodged against principal Dr Om Prakash Shukla, thr then professor of economics; Dr Jagmohan Meher, professor of political science; Dr Vinita Puri, associate professor of mathematics and Dr Maheshwar Roy, head of the chemistry department and others.

The 13 teaching faculties who are booked for inquiry did not have the required teaching or research experience as prescribed by UPSC at the time when they were appointed.

According to CBI, 13 faculty members were able to secure jobs in collaboration with UPSC officials and headquarters, Integrated Defense Personnel of the Ministry of Defense. All of them have reportedly fabricated fake and false certificates to get the post.

Principal Booked For Inquiry: 

In 2017, while applying for the post of Economic’s professor at NDA, principal Shukla falsely exaggerated his teaching experience and research output and then allegedly fudged his API score that had set for posts in the NDA in 2011. Shukla applied for principal’s post in 2011 with no required teaching or the API score to claim the appointment.

The NDA faculty members are appointed by the defence ministry on recommendations of the UPSC. On the basis of API scores, the UPSC conducts preliminary scrutiny of applications and shortlists candidates following an interview.

An investigator stated, “Shukla claimed false and exaggerated teaching and research experience and further his documents were not even verified by the officials of HQ-IDS, MoD, before he was given the post.”

Besides him, Meher, Puri and Bansal too allegedly showed incorrect APIs in their applications to UPSC in 2012.

In their cases, UPSC didn’t verify the documents submitted by the applicants. An officer said, “The exaggerated score sheets of Meher, Puri, Bansal were certified and forwarded to UPSC. Their documents were not even checked by either their heads or UPSC, before they were shortlisted and recommended to the MoD for the appointment. The MoD too did not get these documents verified by HQ-IDS, which raises serious suspicions.”

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